Final April 9

(Moncton, NB: April 9th, 2018)


Playoff Round One- Moncton (2) vs. Saint John (3)

The Moncton Magic hosted the Saint John Riptide Saturday night for game two of the Eastern Conference semi-finals. The first game on Sunday went to the Magic in a late-game 82-77 victory. As expected this matchup has seen some moderate scoring numbers as both teams maintain intense defensive pressure.

The Magic were able break out of the gates to cut through Saint John's defense in the first, outscoring them 24-18. They did not give up that lead up for the entirety of their minutes, going up two in the 2nd, even in the 3rd, and up one more in the 4th for the final 99-90 victory.

With very similar shooting percentages there's no secret formula to the Magic's 3-streak on Saint John. Those wins came from aggression, fast feet, and a drive to make the best out of every opportunity; the home team's most observable advantages came in the shape of steals (12-6), and points off turnovers (23-11).

If the energy displayed in the 'Battle of the 506' continues we may have an early look at the Eastern champ, and title contender.

Terry Thomas led the offense tonight with 22 points; Juan Pattillo was up next with 21 from 9/11 shooting, as well as 7 rebounds.

Corey Allmond put up 19 points, bringing some intense energy in the 4th, driving the team to their 9-point win, and earning him Player of the Game.

Malcolm Miller, Jeremiah Mordi, and Horace Wormley, played with contesting spirit throughout, and despite an early offensive drought, made 18, 17, and 16 for the visiting Riptide.

The crowd in attendance had a Player of the Game of their own, one fan was selected to make one of three half-court shots for $2000, and made it first try.

As the Battle of the 506 rages on, the Magic will travel to Saint John April 12th and 14th, returning home on the 16th if a fifth game is required.


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Photo: Mathieu Chiasson