Mary O'Donnell - Jan 2,  2020

Mary O'Donnell - Jan 2, 2020

Mary is actively involved with the community she calls home. She is part of countless groups and organizations that work towards helping the less fortunate. She gives her time by volunteering at events to help raise money for families in the area.  She is involved in her church as well where she often talks to people about the importance of giving and helping each other. With Headstart, she gives time and energy to help through our outreach programs such as School Supplies, Coats for Kids and Toyland. She organizes dinners for families, days of training for the staff and parents to help everyone reach out their full potential. .  That what makes Mary a community magic maker.

A Magic Maker is someone who is community driven with a positive influence on their workplace or the community. Someone who goes the extra mile to make our city a better place.

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